Computer and Web Programming

58 credit Diploma program

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Program Description:
This program is offered on-campus and online. Options include a 72-credit Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree, a 58-credit diploma or a 30-credit certificate program, depending on the level of skill you would like to accomplish. All programs build the skills necessary to develop and maintain effective web sites, Windows and mobile applications.

Program outcomes include:
• Successfully design, implement, host a Web page that incorporates appropriate use of graphics and animation
• Design and implement Web-based application using appropriate programming languages
• Student will be able to use problem solving techniques to create a computer or web program to solve business problems
• Develop interfaces between database systems and website or application programs

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Required Courses:
Course IDCreditsNameDescription
CIS14063Web Programming ILearn how to create World Wide Web home pages using Extended Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML). Hands-on exercises will guide students through the design and construction of an XHTML home page with links to graphics, documents, multimedia, and forms. This course will cover the basic and advanced concepts of web site design using XHTML. Students will have exposure to multiple WYSIWIG web editors. This course has a service learning component. (Prerequisite: ENGL0460 and READ0460 or concurrent enrollment or test out) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS14083Web Programming IIThis course will help students understand the fundamentals of dynamic web pages and XML scripting using an effective problem-solving approach. The course includes coverage of creating dynamic text and images, positioning, data binding, and structuring data. This course has a service learning component. (Prerequisites: CIS1406) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS14103Web Site DesignThis course provides the student with a basic understanding of web site design and the ability to create interactive, multimedia websites using current software. The course includes a service learning component. (Prerequisites: ENGL0460, MATH0460, READ0465, or instructor's consent) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS14123Web Graphics IThis course introduces students in using a graphics program, scanner, and other digital devices to create and edit graphic images for the Web. Topics also include optimization, layers, color transformation, clone, masks, and special effects of graphics and images. (Prerequisites: CIS1406 or concurrent enrollment; READ0465, ENGL0460 and MATH0460 or concurrent enrollment) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS14144Web AnimationUsing current software packages, students will learn to create and manipulate web pages and animation. Topics covered will include types of animation used on the Web, creating special effects, and building complex animations. This course has a service learning component. (Prerequisites: CIS1406 and CIS1412) (3 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS14154Introduction to ProgrammingThis course introduces the student to the essential concepts and skills of computer programming. Students learn about data representation, algorithms, and program logic, structured and object oriented programming. Students develop their skills through application of these ideas using flowcharts, pseudocode, design, coding and testing using Visual Basic. (Prerequisites: MATH0450, Elementary Algebra CPT score above 45) (3 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS14192Intro to E-CommerceThis foundation course introduces the concepts, vocabulary, and procedures associated with e-commerce and the Internet. Topics include development of the Internet and e-commerce, prospects for business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce, options available for doing business on the Internet, marketing issues related to e-commerce, tools used to build an e-commerce Web site, features of e-commerce Web sites, payment options, security issues, and customer service. (Prerequisites: CIS1406) (1 hr lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS15102Microcomputer Database This course introduces the student to microcomputer database software used to manage data. It covers essential windows skills; planning, creating, testing, and changing database files; adding, changing, importing, and deleting records from a database; querying database tables; designing, creating, and using forms and filters. (Prerequisites: ENGL0460, READ0460 and MATH0460 or concurrent enrollment)(1 hr lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS15193Survey of Operating SystemsThis course is a practical introduction to microcomputer operating systems, intended to enable computer users to understand and work effectively in a variety of software environments. The student will learn general principles of operating systems, and will develop skills in navigation and file and process management in various PC operating systems using both graphical (GUI) and command line (CLI) interfaces, and in the use of common PC applications. (Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in ENGL0460 and READ0465 or test out)(2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS15304Database ManagementStudents will learn about database management terms, definitions and tools. They will also learn to analyze database requirements, create and implement a database model, and use a query language for database processing. (Prerequisites: CIS1415, CIS1510) (3 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/ 0 hrs OJT)
CIS16104Web ScriptingThis course teaches students to make Web pages interactive using the JavaScript and PHP programming language. Students will add scripting code to HTML documents to add effects to pages. Scripting syntax, scripting object models, and object oriented principles are covered in this course. The use of Interfaces to connect Web pages to databases and other programs on the server will be taught. Students will learn to write scripts that process forms sent from Web pages. (Prerequisites: CIS1406 and CIS1415 or instructor consent) (3 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
CIS26353Java ProgrammingThis course teaches the use of programming languages used on the Internet to solve problems with a computer. Exposure to JAVA programming will be emphasized. Topics covered will include classes, objects, I/O and built in functions, loop structures, decisions structures and array manipulation. (Prerequisites: CIS 1415 or instructor's consent; READ0465, ENGL0460 and MATH0460 or concurrent enrollment) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/ 0 hrs OJT)
CIS2980Computer Careers InternshipThis course enables students to acquire practical experience in a variety of professional settings that draw on the skills learned in the student's program of study. It also enables students to test the practical range of some of the ideas presented in their coursework and to experience first-hand some of the career possibilities available to them, as well as an opportunity to network and to gain the job experiences necessary to employment success after graduation. (Prerequisites: Permission of the department and required second-year courses) (0 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/1-4 hrs OJT)
CIS29873CIS CapstoneThis course is designed as a "capstone" for the CIS program. It provides students with the opportunity to apply the full range of technical and communication skills they have developed throughout the program. In this course students will work under the guidance of faculty to design, implement and document one or more complete IT solution for a typical set of business and/or scientific computing requirements. (Prerequisites: Students must have completed Semesters I, II and III of the program planner from which the student intends to graduate) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
COMM16011Interviewing Procedure and PracticeAn applications course in the job-seeking process. Students will explore self-confidence and the interviewing process, understand employer expectations, and identify personal and job-related skills. Job-seeking, resume writing and interview skill-building will be covered. (Prerequisites: None; computer skills necessary) (1 hr lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
COMM16021Teambuilding Procedure and PracticeAn applications course in human relations that concentrates on self-awareness, personal interactions, and relationships in careers or classrooms. Focus will be placed upon understanding personal behavior and communication in a variety of settings, (e.g. classrooms, careers). (Prerequisites: College-level reading and writing) (1 hr lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
FYE10001Student Success SeminarThis course is mandatory* for students in their first semester at Lake Superior College. It provides a foundation for students to make a successful transition to college by: (1) creating a connection to the college community and resources, (2) introducing tools for academic success, and (3) developing personal, academic, and career goals. (Prerequisites: None) (1 hr lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT) *Exemptions: - Students who have not declared a degree or diploma - Students who are in a certificate or diploma program of fewer than 37 credits - Students in good academic standing who have earned 12 credits including an Introduction to College course - Students in good academic standing who have earned 24 college credits post high school

Pre-Program Requirements:
Successful entry into this program requires a specific level of skill in the areas of English, mathematics, and reading. Program entry will depend, in part, on meeting the prerequisites listed below:

• A score of 86 or higher on the Sentence Skills portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of ENGL0460 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, ENGL0460 may be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.

• A score of 71 or higher on the Elementary Algebra Skills portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of MATH0460 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, MATH0460 may be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.

• A score of 78 or higher on the Reading Comprehension portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of READ0465 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, READ0465 may be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.

Technical Electives: (Choose nine credits from the following)
CIS1560 Web Server Administration (CIS1519 or CIS1521) 3 CR
CIS16XX Any CIS1600 series course
CIS1745 Network Administration: UNIX (CIS1519 OR CIS1521; OR INSTRUCTOR'S CONSENT) 3 CR
CIS1972 Network Administration: SQL SERVER (CIS2952) 3 CR
CIS2999 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems 1-4 CR