Architectural Technology

60 credit Diploma program

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Program Description:
Architectural Technology students apply building technology and drafting expression in the production of architectural drawings. This program is designed to develop technical skills which are used in the architectural office and are pertinent to engineering, contracting, and other construction-related fields.

Program outcomes include:
• Develop accurate, constructible architectural drawings
• Apply regulatory requirement criteria
• Demonstrate CAD proficiency
• Apply basic structural design concepts
• Estimate material quantities and construction costs
• Utilize site design principles
• Demonstrate an understanding of Mechanical/Electrical systems

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Required Courses:
Course IDCreditsNameDescription
ARCH14003Introduction to ArchitectureThis course covers the basic principles and applications of architecture. Concepts of planning and space utilization are explored in conjunction with regulatory requirements. An exposure to architectural history is given, along with an overview of architecture's current role in the construction industry. (Prerequisites: None) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14112Materials and Methods IThis course covers the technical aspects and proper application of building materials as used in the systems of light frame construction. (Prerequisites: None) (2 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14156Project Lab IThis course covers an introduction to print reading, the use of drafting tools, and the production of drawings for light frame construction. Three-dimensional visualization skills are developed through technical drawing exercises. It is intended that ARCH1425 be taken concurrently. Students will apply both manual and CAD drafting methods for the project drawings of this course. (Prerequisites: None) (2 hrs lec/8 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14182Principles of Building PerformanceThis course studies the interaction between occupants, building components/systems, and the surrounding environment in creating safe, healthy, and comfortable buildings. Emphasis is placed on understanding and controlling flows of heat, air, and moisture as governed by the laws of physics. (Prerequisites: College-level reading, writing and MATH0450 or concurrent enrollment) (2 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14253Architectural CAD IIn this course students are introduced to industry standard CAD software using the MS Windows environment and file management. A combination of lecture and hands-on lab is used to develop a solid foundation for two-dimensional architectural CAD drafting. (Prerequisites: None) (1 hr lec/4 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14303Architectural Design-Criteria/ConstraintsThis course outlines criteria for preliminary design and establishes practical guidelines for the development and implementation of a building's architectural program. Specific attention is given to identifying and applying the various regulatory requirements of current code publications. (Prerequisites: None) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14352Site DesignThis course covers the concepts of contouring, site planning, and the development of plot plans. Consideration is given to the topographic, climatic, and geological aspects of site development. (Prerequisites: None) (1 hr lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14413Materials and Methods IIThis course covers the technical aspects and proper application of building materials as primarily used in the systems of commercial construction. (Prerequisites: None) (3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14454Project Lab IIThis course covers commercial print reading and the production of working drawings for commercial construction. It is intended that ARCH1455 be taken concurrently. Focus is placed on application of CAD drafting. (Prerequisites: ARCH1415) (1 hr lec/6 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14483Principles of Structural DesignThis course covers basic structural theory, the calculation of loads on a system of structural members, and the use of published load tables to select structural members. (Prerequisites: College-level reading, writing and MATH0450) (3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH14553Architectural CAD IIThis course develops efficiency in two-dimensional techniques and applies office standards for CAD such as the use of line weights and layer guidelines. Students are introduced to three-dimensional modeling and rendered presentation drawings. The lab focuses on applying architectural criteria to CAD drawing production. (Prerequisites: ARCH1425 or CADE1407) (1 hr lec/4 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH24003Mechanical and Electrical SystemsThis course covers the principles of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical systems. Lab exercises include the reading, layout, and development of mechanical and electrical plans. (Prerequisites: ARCH1445) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH24052Architectural CAD III - Intro to BIMThis course provides a thorough introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM) including documentation, scheduling, and rendering. Emphasis is given to project development utilizing Autodesk Revit Architecture software. Revit Structure and MEP are also introduced. (Prerequisites: ARCH1455, or instructor approval) (1 hr lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT
ARCH24356Project Lab IIIThis course identifies the myriad of concerns facing the architectural detailer and describes how solutions can be approached by applying criteria which is essential for the successful performance of a building. Projects include team design activities with a focus placed on the detail development of various building systems covered in previous coursework. (Prerequisites: ARCH1441 and ARCH1445) (2 hrs lec/8 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH24503Specifications and Construction AdministrationThis course covers the legal aspects of a project's construction phase and develops the relationship between specifications and drawings. Project manual format, principles of use and administration procedures are outlined including the preparation of standard documentation. (Prerequisites: ARCH1441 or instructor's consent) (3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ARCH24606Commercial ProjectThis course synthesizes an architectural program with environmental and regulatory requirements in the development of a coherent building concept. Design/construction drawings are developed for a commercial building based on an interdisciplinary approach to building systems. (Prerequisites: ARCH2435) (1 hr lec/10 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
FYE10001Student Success SeminarThis course is mandatory* for students in their first semester at Lake Superior College. It provides a foundation for students to make a successful transition to college by: (1) creating a connection to the college community and resources, (2) introducing tools for academic success, and (3) developing personal, academic, and career goals. (Prerequisites: None) (1 hr lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT) *Exemptions: - Students who have not declared a degree or diploma - Students who are in a certificate or diploma program of fewer than 37 credits - Students in good academic standing who have earned 12 credits including an Introduction to College course - Students in good academic standing who have earned 24 college credits post high school
MATH15004Applied Algebra and TrigonometryThis course covers a review of the basics in applied algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The course will give the student the tools needed to be successful in some technical programs at Lake Superior. (Prerequisites: None) (4 hours lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Pre-Program Requirements:
Successful entry into this program requires a specific level of skill in the areas of English, mathematics, and reading. Program entry will depend, in part, on meeting the prerequisites listed below:

• A score of 86 or higher on the Sentence Skills portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of ENGL0460 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, ENGL0460 may be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.

• A score of 36 or higher on the Elementary Algebra Skills portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of MATH0450 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, MATH0450 may not be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.

• A score of 78 or higher on the Reading Comprehension portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of READ0465 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, READ0465 may be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.