Medical Receptionist

30 credit Certificate program


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Career Resources:
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Program Description:
This program is designed to prepare the student for employment as a medical receptionist. Medical receptionists may be responsible for answering telephones, scheduling appointments, and preparing correspondence. Persons in this position need to know medical office terminology; must be familiar with hospital, clinic, and physician office health information procedures; and understand medical laws and ethics. In addition, the medical receptionist may be involved in handling release of information requests.

Program outcomes include:
• Plan and produce professional written business correspondence and medical correspondence using correct English and proofreading skills.
• Plan and deliver verbal presentations using correct English skills.
• Demonstrate keyboarding production proficiency.
• Demonstrate ability to correctly spell, define, and pronounce medical office terminology and/or abbreviations.
• Utilize computer productivity software for business applications.
• Integrate medical office tasks such as insurance, coding, banking, telephone techniques, billing, and scheduling of appointments.
• Apply learned skills and knowledge from the Medical Receptionist program in an actual or simulated medical setting.
• Exhibit ethical behavior, a positive self-image, and professional conduct.
• Develop a job search plan, prepare appropriate documents, and exhibit appropriate interview skills.

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Required Courses:
Course IDCreditsNameDescription
ADSC14154Keyboarding IThis course is designed for the beginning Administrative Support student. The objective of the course is to teach proper typing techniques; to build speed and accuracy; and to utilize a professional word processing system for business applications, such as document storage and retrieval, editing, and document distribution. (Prerequisites: ADSC1710 or equivalent or instructor's consent) (3 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC14203Business CommunicationsThis course covers the development of business communication skills and applying them along with proofreading skills, when creating business documents such as letters, memos, and informal reports. (Prerequisites: College-level reading and writing, keyboarding/word processing ability or concurrent enrollment in a keyboarding course) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/ 0 hrs OJT)
ADSC14213Business PresentationsThis course covers development of business communication skills in the following areas: one-to-one communications, small- and large-group presentations, business telephone usage, voice-mail techniques, conducting business meetings, listening skills, and the use of presentation software for enhancing business presentations. (Prerequisites: ADSC1420, ADSC1430, or ADSC1719; concurrent enrollment in either of these courses or instructor's consent) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC14222Business Vocabulary/ProofreadingThis course aids in the mastery of business vocabulary and spelling skills and their application in proofreading business documents. (Prerequisites: READ0465 and ENGL0460 or concurrent enrollment) (2 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC14303Microsoft OfficeAn introductory course, in the basics of computer technology, using business application software. Through hands-on use students will learn fundamental concepts of word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation graphics and how they integrate. (Prerequisites: READ0465 and ENGL0460 or concurrent enrollment; ability to type a minimum of 20 wpm) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC14501Machine TranscriptionThis course covers skill development in transcribing machine-dictated material into usable business documents. Emphasis will be placed on building transcription speed and accuracy; applying punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules; using reference materials; proofreading and correcting errors. (Prerequisites: ADSC1420 or concurrent enrollment and ADSC1415 or concurrent enrollment) (0 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC16103Medical Office TerminologyThis course introduces word analysis by study of word roots, prefixes, suffixes, and abbreviations common to the medical office/profession. This class has a business focus with emphasis on the written aspect of medical office terminology following medical transcription rules developed by the American Association of Medical Transcriptionists. A heavy focus is placed on vocabulary building techniques to teach the meaning, spelling, correct usage and pronunciation of medical terms for accuracy in transcription, coding, and completion of insurance forms. (Prerequisites: College level reading & writing)(3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC16113Medical Office Procedures IThis introductory course to medical office procedures covers medical office career opportunities, medical ethics and laws, meetings, telephone techniques, appointment scheduling, filing, patient records, mail, fee collection, and medical office pharmacology. (Prerequisites: College-level reading & writing)(3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC16123Medical Office Procedures IIThis course is a continuation of MOPI. Medical topics covered include integration of medical office tasks: bookkeeping, payroll procedures, billing, health insurance, appointment scheduling, patient data input, and CPT and ICD diagnostic coding. (Prerequisites: ADSC1611) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab 0 hrs OJT)
ADSC16143Health Insurance and BillingThis course will provide an introduction to the various types of insurance plans, legal considerations involved in claim processing, basic steps in ICD-9-CM and CPT coding, HCPCS, and ADA coding, insurance terminology, and causes for claim rejections. (Prerequisites: ADSC1610 or concurrent enrollment) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
ADSC17152Word ProcessingThis course provides students with the opportunity to learn word processing for employment or home use and to utilize a microcomputer as a word processor. Students will learn to create, edit, format, save, print manage, and enhance documents. (Prerequisites: ADSC1710 or instructor's consent) (1 hr lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Other Course Requirements:

Pre-Program Requirements:
Successful entry into this program requires a specific level of skill in the areas of English and reading. Program entry will depend, in part, on meeting the prerequisites listed below:

• A score of 86 or higher on the Sentence Skills portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of ENGL0460 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, ENGL0460 may be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.

• A score of 78 or higher on the Reading Comprehension portion of the CPT, OR
• Completion of READ0465 or its equivalent transfer course or higher.
• If required, READ0465 may be taken concurrently with Semester I coursework.

Required Pre-technical Course:
ADSC 1710, if student types less than 20 wpm