Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Production Welder

18 credit Certificate program

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Program Description:
This certificate will provide the student with entry-level skills and knowledge to perform as a gas tungsten arc welder (GTAW) with minimal supervision in all positions on ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Program outcomes include:
• Utilize safe working techniques and practices.
• Read prints and interpret welding symbols.
• Use measuring and layout tools properly.
• Operate welding tools and equipment.
• Apply metallurgy principles to welding and metal fabrication processes.
• Determine the quality of welds.
• Utilize computerized equipment for welding and cutting.

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Required Courses:
Course IDCreditsNameDescription
WLDG15003Blueprint Reading for WeldersThis course provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify welding symbols and manipulate fractions, decimals, and metric units. Students will be able to convert measurements and determine weld specifications from engineering drawings. Students will also be able to fit-up and weld an assembly or weldment given a bill of materials and a drawing. (Prerequisites: Appropriate placement test score or MATH0450 and READ0455 [may be taken concurrently] or instructor's consent) (3 hrs lec/0 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
WLDG15203Gas Tungsten Arc Welding IThis course introduces students to the gas tungsten arc welding process including equipment, terms, and safety procedures. Students will learn how to setup, adjust, and shut down gas tungsten arc welding equipment. Students will be able to deposit stringer beads in the flat position, produce fillet weld lap joints in the flat and horizontal position, and produce fillet weld outside corner joints in the flat position. The metallurgy and weldability of carbon steel will also be covered. (Prerequisites: None) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
WLDG15223Gas Tungsten Arc Welding IIThis course covers fillet T-joint welds and square-groove welds with carbon steel including destructive testing. Students will learn how to perform gas tungsten arc welding using pulsed current. Students will also be able to produce square groove and fillet welds with stainless steel. Visual inspection tests with stainless steel and the welding characteristics of stainless steel are included. (Prerequisites: WLDG1500 and WLDG1520 or instructor's consent) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
WLDG15243Gas Tungsten Arc Welding IIIStudents will learn how to weld aluminum using the gas tungsten arc welding process. Students will learn how to deposit stringer beads in the flat position. Students will be able to produce outside corner fillet welds in the flat and vertical position and lap joints in the horizontal and flat position. Square-groove butt welds in the flat position and T-joint fillet welds in the horizontal, flat, and vertical up position will also be covered. Visual inspection tests on aluminum are included. Students will have the option to further develop their knowledge and skills to prepare for the Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Welder Qualification Test. (Prerequisites: WLDG1522 or concurrent enrollment) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)
WLDG15823GTAW Fabrication MethodsIn this course, you will learn to combine your gas tungsten arc welding skills to fabricate various types of weldments using proper layout procedures. Complete drawings with welding symbols, bill of materials, and cost estimates will also be required.(Prerequisites: WLDG1522 or concurrent or instructor's consent) (2 hrs lec/2 hrs lab/0 hrs OJT)

Pre-Program Requirements: